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Why you should get a Full Home Evaluation

Have you considered doing a home inspection? Home inspection is not only for buyers and sellers of homes but can also be a valuable tool for those who already own their homes. Most people do not feel that they should be inspected at home every five to ten years as part of the overall maintenance plan. But a home inspector can help you a lot more later than you might think.

Most of us will spend the best money on our lives by our cars and our homes. You would never drive a single car for 10 years or more without putting it into a poisonous machine? Certainly not. Car maintenance should be done to ensure that your vehicle continues to travel for as long as possible. You clean it up and clean it once in a while to keep the resale value if you don’t do it clean. Why is your home different?

Your regular housekeeping plan should include a home inspection every few years. A home inspector can advise you on any repairs that need to be made before they become too expensive and discuss any safety issues you may not be aware of.

Home inspectors will go to every corner of your home and give you an anonymous report of your findings. The report will show you anything that may be wrong with your home right now, which may be in need of repairs and advice on how to make repairs. For example a home inspector may notice a small spot on the wall and track that water leak. The leak may be small enough to cost only a few bucks but it can do a lot of damage before you get it on your own.

A home inspection may also alert you to other security issues you may not be aware of. Old gas lines and broken power lines remain unattended until a fire breaks out or people get sick and die. The home inspector looks at electrical and gas wires and plumbers as part of the checklist system and notifies them when a problem is detected.

Engaging with the services of a trained home inspector should be part of your regular home maintenance. A neat home inspection can reveal repair and security issues before it becomes a serious issue and help you in maintaining your home’s value and peace of mind.

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