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Different types of House plans

Do you plan to build a house? There are many settings to use. Some of the most important include:

Cranberry plan

The plan is characterized by a rectangular house and comes with an additional veranda. There is a center chimney with the front door set in the center of the house. The roof is a rocky place and the windows are double hung.

This plan is also called a one and a half floor plan because the rooms on the second floor have a box office. Attic makes the house square. The distinctive feature of the plan is that the height of the first and second floor is 71 1/2 feet.

Hearing plan

It almost resembles a cranberry plan, but with a few adjustments. Adjustments include:

Large, modern large window for pictures and custom panels

A central floor that resembles a western bungalow

Built-in flower box designed especially for decorative purposes

High roof with American bungalow design. This allows you to expand to the second level.

The Complete Plan to Enjoy

However, the first American design, is common in the modern world. The plan is characterized by the rectangular shape that comes with the addition of a garage. It also has double glazed windows, a balcony, floor to ceiling hall and a sloping roof.

Cultural Plan

The traditional plan has a number of features similar to those found in colonial homes from South America. Homes with a rectangular shape, vertical hole, and floor plan plan.

To make the plan modern there are renovations such as: the front dormers, the large picture window, the chimney setup and the fireplace attached to the outside wall. These houses are designed to be built using bricks.

Jewel plan

Many designers say the plan has many unique features. For example, it has a front door that is partially placed in the center of the center. The plan contains a large, modern file of images that come with glass block trim. There is also a salad that includes stones, shingles and vertical panels.

To conclude

Here are some tips you can go for. Whichever plan you choose you need to make sure it is practical, professional, and easy to talk to as a designer. This requires careful research to find the technology.

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